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GovMapper Services

GovMapper takes your city or state level public information and turns it into interactive online maps. We can map any data that is a pin-point on a map, like an address, intersection, or latitude and longitude coordinate. GovMapper has over four years of experience putting government data into online maps.

Interactive Maps for Your Government Website

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We map datasets like crime reports, sex offender locations, restaurant health reviews, property values, building permits, zoning changes, liquor licenses, property transfers, historic sites, and much more.

Each dataset can have hundreds, or hundreds of thousands, of locations. In fact, our platform works better with lots of data. Your citizens can then choose to limit their searches to certain categories, date ranges, and/or keyword searches.

Ad-Free Public Platform

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We take the city or state information you need to get to your citizens, and seemlessly convert it into interactive maps ready for embedding directly into your site. Our web-based platform is advertising free.

Inexpensive, Lightning Fast, and Simple

The process is so fast and painless, some clients have had their map up and running in hours. And the subscription services have a minimal impact on your department's budget. The service pays for itself by reducing your Freedom of Information Act requests.

Any Location Data

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We can take exported data from your own databases and load them into our platform, creating interactive maps and services. We can handle any database format, ArcGIS export, Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, or XOMGL formatted XML. After the initial data load, we keep the data updated on a regular basis with incremental updates at any interval you need (daily, weekly, monthly).

Open Coverage and Benefits

Your public data reaches the widest possible audience through our delivery channels, including search engine optimized websites, our mobile platform, and data feeds (like RSS, KML, and CSV). This ensures you truly reduce the number of Freedom of Information Act requests you receive, saving your department time and money.