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Broad Web Reach

Reach as many citizens as possible with our automatic online data publishing tools. In addition to embedding the map on your site, your data is also available on the public Your Mapper site.

Reach Your Citizens

The Your Mapper Platform ensures that your citizens not only find your data online, but also are directed to your government website. They can find your official data quickly and easily, and our tools for sharing searches, data feeds, mobile applications, and comments and ratings keep them engaged.

Ratings, Comments, Favs

Each map can be rated by site users on the Map Detail page. Comments can be written, and conversations about a map started. And users can bookmark and name favorite searches to their account for later. This keeps your community engaged and coming back to see your updates.

Search Engine Optimization

The public-facing Your Mapper site is optimized for search engines, so people looking for your data can find it easily through their normal Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL searches. From there they can link directly to your website, and even a full page of details for each location on your site.

Location Detail Pages

Every location on a map gets its own page of details. This includes the information you see in the map popups, and shows additional details, neighborhood street views, a driving directions link, more comments and ratings, and some sharing options. If the location gets updated in the future, this page will show that new data automatically. And this page is fully findable by all search engines.

Mobile Devices

All data that is available on the site's maps are also available on our mobile application. The loading times and features have been streamlined for on-the-go browsing and slower data speeds. This gives you access to the entire Your Mapper site wherever you are. Searches made on the mobile site can be shared with others by email, and specific locations can be shared and mapped in the device's specific mobile applications.

Data Feeds

Don't lock your data into proprietary third-party systems! Every search done on a map can be automatically grabbed and used outside of the site through our datafeeds. RSS feeds are used on home pages to show users when new data appears in their search. KML feeds can be overlayed into any external mapping application, on or offline. CSV files can be placed into a spreadsheet for sorting, analysis, and reporting. Other data feeds are available too, like JSON, GeoRss, and straight HTML.