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Technical Details - How to Format Your Data for Export

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Technical Details
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Technical Data Details

We can turn your location-based data into a searchable, interactive map for your citizens.

Formatting Your Data

The quickest and cheapest way to get your map live is to provide your data in XOMGL formatted CSV (or XML). Including latitude and longitude speeds the process up even more. After your initial data load, the maps can be updated on a regular basis (usually monthly) with your incremental data.

Once loaded, we will provide a small bit of HTML code for you to cut and paste into a new page on your government website, thus getting your information to the public quickly and efficiently, in a format that they can understand.

Open Municipal Geodata Standard Format

The Open Muncipal Geodata Standard provides a simple way to format your data for internet-based mapping solutions. It is perfect for any municipal or government agency looking to create useful maps for their citizens.

For each location you want to map, you provide certain required or optional pieces of information. These can be provided as a spreadsheet or CSV file (or as XOMGL format live data feed if you'd like to automatically update your data from your server). Most agencies find that the CSV format is easier for them at the beginning.

Required Location Details

  • Unique ID - Identifies the location so you can update it later if needed. Examples: "26", "342ax", "DJWU-339832-KS"
  • Name - Descriptive short title of the location/marker. Examples: "Assault with a Weapon (2 counts)", "City Cafe - Rating B+", "John Doe Smith - Unregistered"
  • Address - Street address of the location. Examples: "624 West Main St", "Baxter Ave and Cherokee Parkway", "Everett Ave"
  • City - City name of the location. Examples: "Louisville", "Queens", "Fargo"
  • State - State of the location. Examples: "KY", "NY", "CA"
  • Category ID - ID of the category this belongs to. Categories can be anything, like crime types, permit codes, or grades. This number ID just identifies them for your data. Examples: "1", "7", "23"
  • Latitude - Latitude coordinate of the location. Examples: "37.392984392"
  • Longitude - Longitude coordinate of the location. Examples: "-84.239837184"

Optional Location Details

  • Description - Detailed HTML description. Example: "Sex: Male‹br/›Race: White‹br/›Details: Suspect attempted to rob victim at gunpoint."
  • Address 2 - Extra information about the location. Examples: "Apt 2", "USA Town Mall", "On the sidewalk"
  • Zip - Zip code of the location. Examples: "40206"
  • Date - ISO formatted date of the event/review/etc. Examples: "2005-09-28", "2009-02-01"
  • Full URL - Link to a page on your site with more information. Examples: "http://www.mywebsite.com/detailpage/infoonmyplace.htm"
  • Image Path - Full path to an image on your site. Examples: "http://www.mywebsite.com/images/locationimage2918.jpg"
  • Detail Link - True or false to show if this location links to a dynamic page on your site that uses your Unique ID. Examples: "1", "0" for "http://www.mywebsite.com/detailpage/info.asp?id=[Unique ID]"
  • Details - Extended HTML description of your location for the detail page. This can be very long if needed. Example: "See case 29491-OE for more details..."

OMG Example

Download this spreadsheet to get started formatting your data by seeing a few examples.

Common Issues

I Can't Get My Data in this Format

Do not worry. This only applies if you want to bypass our formatting services. We can convert your data to the OMG Format as part of our Data Formatting Service. We can support almost any data format, including CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SQL databases, open sourced MySQL, XML, KML, ArcGIS, and many others. If you can get your data to us in a digital format, we can turn it into a map.

I Do Not Have Latitude and Longitude

Do not worry. This only applies if you want to bypass our geocoding services. We can geocode your data as part of our Geocoding Service.