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Embedded Map - Maps, Embedding, Formatting, Geocoding, Reporting

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Embedded Maps

Turn your government data into an interactive map embedded right in your website.

Embedding Service

Our primary service is to give you an interactive map embedded directly into your government website for your citizens. Unlike other services you may find, we want you to keep your citizens on your own website, not on our website.

You can choose the starting point, map size, map options, and layout. We give you a small snippet of HTML code for your site, which will embed the interactive map wherever you want. Surround the map with instructions, ads, text, navigation, logos, or whatever.

After this one-time setup, you do not have to do anything else. When we update the data, your map is instantly updated too.


GovMapper tracks how many visitors you get to your map each day, each month, and each year using our data tracking and our dynamic graphs.

Interactive Demos

See some of our live demos for examples of what our embedded maps look like.