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Compare Pricing

A detailed comparison of our pricing options and features. See our pricing overview for more explanations.

Feature Standard Platform White Label Private Data Details
Optional Costs
Geocoding $100 + $25/m $300 + $75/m 2x costs Discovering latitude and longitude from you addresses.
Data Formatting $100 + $25/m $300 + $75/m 2x costs Converting your data into the OMG Standard format.
Map Traffic $25/m per 2,500 $75/m per 2,500 2x costs Unique user visits per month from embedded maps across your site. Caps at $200/m ($600/m White Label) per dataset.
  Standard Platform White Label Private Data  
Your Mapper Site Add your data to our public maps that link back to your site.
Your Mapper Mobile Give your citizens mobile phone browser access to your data with location detection.
Your Mapper Heatmaps See an interactive heatmap density overview of all your data at-a-glance.
Embed on Your Site Put customized interactive maps into pages on your website.
Private API Access Get access to your formatted data through a programming API, in RSS, CSV, and KML formats on-the-fly, to use in your own secure applications. Bulk download your data.
Public API Access Give the public access to your formatted data through an API, to use in their web and mobile applications.
  Standard Platform White Label Private Data  
Header & Footer Optional Your custom HTML header and footer code and graphics for maps on our site, including navigation and logos.
Custom Colors Optional Style your map widgets and our custom landing pages with colors from your site and branding.
SEO Custom URLs Optional Customize your unique URLs to include your organization's name and wording.
Custom Pages Optional Your custom pages include an interactive map, a mobile phone app, heatmaps, location details, and more.
Remove Your Mapper Logos Optional Remove any instances of our logos and name around and within your embedded maps, replacing them with your branding.
  Standard Platform White Label Private Data  
SEO & Referrals Your data is on our site and every page links back your site and/or dynamic detail pages, boosting your SEO and traffic.
Usage Reporting Reports for usage for maps on your site and our site.
Free 30-day trial We'll work with you to format, geocode, and map your data for your site. Launch it for 30-days to see if you like it before you pay anything.
  Standard Platform White Label Private Data  

Embedding Service

Pricing is determined by the actual number of visitors to your map each month.

Unformatted Data Loading

We will work with you to take your data and use the most relevant parts of it to create markers on our maps.

Geocoding Locations

If you have data you'd like to turn into a map, but do not have Latitude and Longitude coordinates for it, we can help.

White Label Service

White Label gives you the option of removing any branding from the map, including the logo at the bottom of the map, the detailed info links to Your Mapper in the pop-ups and list, some tools below the map (Link, Mobile, Save, Email, Google, Embed), the center icon pop-up Map Permalink, and the Your Mapper icon in the center of the map. It also gives you customized header and footers on detail pages from the map widget to our site, custom colors, URLs, pages, navigation, and logos.

Private Maps

You can make your map private (not showing up on our public YourMapper.com website) and allow it to only appear on your website. This is called a Private Map.

Professional Services

Leverage our mapping expertise. We can enhance any of our existing services with custom programming and website developement. Let us build a custom map to suit your exact needs.

30-Day Free Trial

If you'd like to see if our services can work for you with no obligation, take a look at our 30-Day Free Trial offer, and contact us to try things out.