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GovMapper - Government Open Data, Efficiency, and Transparency Tools

GovMapper - Government Open Data, Efficiency, and Transparency Tools

Government services for mapping your public, city, state, or municipal data for your local citizens.

GovMapper is a web-based solution for publishing your government data to your citizens. Increase government efficiency and open data transparency with online mapping tools for your city. Our ad-free platform makes it inexpensive, lightning fast, and simple to turn your city or state data into dynamic, interactive maps for your website.
We take your city or state data and seamlessly convert it into interactive maps ready for embedding directly into your site, getting it to your citizens.

Features of the GovMapper Platform include:

Interactive Maps for Your Government Website
City and/or State Level Coverage
Geocoding of Your Data
Mobile Map Version
Traffic and Usage Reports
Inexpensive, Lightning Fast, and Simple

Save time, money, and resources by mapping your government data online. Reduce FOIA requests, increase transparency, and engage your citizens.

Benefits of the GovMapper Platform include:

Reduction in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
Informed and Engaged Citizens
Promote Open Data and Transparency
Improve Efficency and Save Money
Inexpensive, Lightning Fast, and Simple

30-Day Free Trial
Take the GovMapper Platform for a test drive before you commit!

Contact us and we'll set up an interactive map for you to embed on your website at no cost or obligation.

Embedded Interactive Maps

Our primary service is to give you an interactive map embedded directly into your government website for your citizens.

Turn your government data into an interactive map embedded right in your website. Unlike other services you may find, we want you to keep your citizens on your own website, not on our website.

Four Years of Government Mapping Experience

GovMapper has over four years of experience putting government data into online maps. That's more than any other government data mapping company. We launched our first interactive map in July of 2005, just one month after Google released their mapping software. Let us put this experience to use for your citizens.