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Pricing - Save Time, Money, and Resources


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Pricing Investment Overview

An investment in GovMapper's services will pay for itself in both the short and long term, with our budget-neutral pricing and time-saving platform.

Mapping starts at just $75 per month, but with a little effort from your tech department, that can drop to $50 or even $25 per month.

We also have 100% free options, and a 30-day free trial so you can test our maps.

Save Time

Rather than taking weeks or months to accommodate a complex solution, we allow your department to get up and running in just hours or days. And the cost is low enough that you won't need to wait for annual budget reviews, or time-consuming RFPs.

Save Money

Our low monthly subscription fee is the alternative to paying traditional vendors for hardware, support, software licenses, and administration. GovMapper is a fully hosted on our servers, and we constantly upgrade the software seamlessly with feature upgrades and support for new browsers.

Save Resources

There is almost no effort required from your staff. One mid-level staff member can export the data updates in less than one hour per month. And that's it. There is little burden on your already strained IT resources.

Embedding Service

Pricing is determined by the actual number of visitors to your map each month, and is rounded up in increments of $25. Most sites will pay just $25 per month.
  • Monthly Investment per 2,500 Views: $25
  • Traffic Cap: $200 max per month (very rare) per map

Optional Data Formatting Services

Optional Services. Regardless of how much data you want to show (hundreds or millions of locations), the pricing is the same. In fact, we want to encourage you to provide your public with the most data you have available.

Unformatted Data Loading

We will work with you to take your data and use the most relevant parts of it to create markers on our maps. This involves converting it to the OMG Standard format, since this format is perfectly suited to online mapping. We end up extracting a name, description, address, city, state, and category from your data, at a minimum.
  • One Time Fee: $100
  • Monthly Investment for Updates: $25
  • Free: There is no cost if you can provide your data in the OMG Standard Format

Geocoding Locations

If you have data you'd like to turn into a map, but do not have Latitude and Longitude coordinates for it, we can help. Let us 'geocode' it so we can create an interactive map for you.
  • One Time Fee: $100
  • Monthly Investment for Updates: $25
  • Free: There is no cost if you can provide Latitude and Longitude with your data

Private Maps

You can make your map private (not show up on our public YourMapper.com website) and allow it to only appear on your website. This is called a Private Map. The costs are simply 2x any existing costs.

White Label Service

We also offer a White Label version of our product. This gives you the option of removing any branding from the map, including the logo at the bottom of the map, the detailed info links to Your Mapper in the pop-ups and list, some tools below the map (Link, Mobile, Save, Email, Google, Embed), the center icon pop-up Map Permalink, and the Your Mapper icon in the center of the map. It also give you customized header and footers on detail pages from the map widget to our site, custom colors, URLs, pages, navigation, and logos. The cost is 3x any existing costs.


Our agreement goes month-to-month, and billing is every quarter. A one year agreement is recommended to simplify billing and paperwork, or longer if you wish to lock in pricing into the future. Setup fees and first month investment estimates are paid up front. Your quarterly investment is based on previous months' traffic adjustments if needed, and next quarter's embedding estimates. We do offer a 5% discount if you sign up for a year or more at a time and pay up-front.

30-Day Free Trial

If you'd like to see if our services can work for you with no obligation, take a look at our 30-Day Free Trial offer, and contact us to try things out.

For a detailed breakdown see our Pricing Comparison page.