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Police Department Crime Map

City Police departments can turn years worth of reported crime into an interactive map for their citizens. This map is searchable by crime UCR category, date of occurrence, and keyword. Historic and current reports are all available. Citizens also get a mobile version, and updated data feeds.

Reasons for Creating a Crime Map

Every police department, whether in a small or large municipality, has compelling reasons to release their data to the public on interactive maps. Here are a few of the more common ones.
  • Reduce Costs - Putting your reports online drastically reduce the need for time-consuming Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • Involve Citizens - Informed citizens can examine and track crime in their neighborhood.
  • Easy to Use - Interactive maps are the best way to get reports out to the public.
  • Neighborhood Watches - Detailed crime reports help the efforts of neighborhood watch groups.
  • Respect - Citizens appreciate and respect transparency in their government.

Sample Crime Map

Take a look at some active crime maps. This map shows all crime reported in Louisville, KY since January of 2003.

Compare Us

Compare our services to other crime mapping services.
Feature Your Mapper Crime Reports Google Maps Details
Data Management
At Least 100 Reports Can load and display at least 100 report locations.
Thousands of Reports Can load hundreds of thousands of report locations and let users search through them all.
Done in 1 Hour Interactive map on your site within 1 hour of getting your formatted data.
Map Features
Map on Their Site Interactive map on their website.
Map Embedded on Your Site Full-featured interactive map embedded right on your police website.
Category and Date Search Search by crime category and date range
Keyword Search Search by keywords in crime type and description.
Mobile Phone Map Browse an optimized version of the map on any mobile phone browser.
Bookmark Favorites Save and share your favorite searches to your account
Heatmaps Intearactive heatmaps, even broken down by category
Single Locations
Map Popup Info Each map marker shows more info in a popup when clicked.
Full Page of Details Each crime report gets its own full page of extended details.
Street View Neighborhood street view of every location.
Ratings and Comments Each crime report can be rated on and commented on by the community.
Any Custom Markers Each type of crime can use custom icons of your choosing.
Technical Features
RSS and KML Data feeds for any search so citizens can watch for updates.
CSV, XML, JSON Spreadsheet, XML format and Javascript formats for advanced citizens.
Developer API A free robust programming interface so programmers can use your data for reports, websites, etc.
Full Browser Support Works across and supports all modern web browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.
Average Cost
Cost per Month Free to $75
per month
$50 to $200
per month
Free Average cost to load data and get an interactive map.
Free Trial 30-day free trial with no obligation.