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30-Day Free Trial - Save Time, Money, and Resources

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30-Day Free Trial

30-Day Free Trial

Take the GovMapper Platform for a test drive before you commit! Contact us and we'll set up an interactive map for you to embed on your website at no cost or obligation.

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GovMapper will provide the first 30 days of our services free of charge. After the 30 days, if you want to continue your service, take a look at our pricing to see the rates.

The free trial was created to let your government department set-up formatting and delivery of the data, modify any service options, test the interactive map within the confines of your website (publicly or privately), and review the service with your decision makers.

Contact us! A representative will help you to complete your trial setup.

How It Works

Just like our paid service, we will work with you to get your data online quickly and simply.
  1. Discussion about which data you would like to see in a map, and deciding which one will work best for the trial.
  2. Work with your tech department to get the raw data. We will format and geocode it if needed.
  3. Create an online map of your data, and give you code to put the map in a public or private page on your site.
  4. Your 30 day free trial begins. Test the service and the map out, and get buy-in from your department, city, and public.
At the end of the 30 days, you have 2 choices.
  1. Continue using our service, and pay your setup investment. Then begin montly maintenance (your first month is still free).
  2. Decide our services are not for you. We'll take your data offline and you can remove the map from your site.
It's that easy, and risk free!