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About GovMapper

We think hard about how to make the Your Mapper investment attractive for governments of all sizes (small towns, large cities, and even state-wide) and about how these services can save you and your taxpayers time, money, and effort.

GovMapper takes your municipal, state, or federal public information and easily turns it into interactive maps for your government website. GovMapper is the most important branch of the dynamic, web-based Your Mapper Platform, which maps information and provides a public-facing, ad-free area for citizens to browse, share, and collaborate on the mapped data.


We are one of only a handful or Google Qualified Maps Developers in the United States, and one of only two to be listed in the Google Marketplace. We know how to map online.


GovMapper was founded in June of 2005 with the express goal of mapping municipal and state government data that had never been put online. It is a scalable tool to let public citizens freely view, share, and make sense of massive amounts of government data. We are a force for empowering citizens in local communities to improve their lives through access to valuable data. GovMapper reaffirms our origins and creates a targeted, streamlined service just for government agencies.