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Benefits - Save Time, Money, Resources

Our Benefits

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GovMapper Benefits

Save time, money, and resources by mapping your government data online. Reduce FOIA requests, increase transparency, and engage your citizens.

Every agency, whether in a small or large municipality, has compelling reasons to release their data to the public on interactive maps. Here are a few of the more common ones.
  • Reduces Costs - Putting your reports online drastically reduce the need for time-consuming Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • Involve Citizens - Informed citizens can examine and track events in their neighborhood, keeping them involved.
  • Easy to Use - Interactive maps are the best way to get massive amounts of complex data out to the public.
  • City Perception - Free interactive map can make new visitors to your city feel more comfortable, and let current citizens feel connected to their city.
  • Political Reasons - Creating these maps lead to compelling press releases and public perception of the current administration.

Reduce Freedom of Information Act Requests

Your citizens expect to see your government data available online. When it's not, citizens, news organizations, universities, and reporters waste more of your time, money, and personnel resources with complex FOIA requests for data.

Your department can drastically reduce these requests by putting your data online in visually engaging interactive maps and open data formats. Your Mapper makes it easy to transform your data into a meaningful map right on your website.

Revolution in Open Government Data

City governments now realize that getting their public data online in an easy to understand map can save them money and time, and empower their citizens.

"Maps are helping city governments become more democratic and participatory."
Jack Dangermond, President, ESRI

"Portland has invested in geospacial technologies because it saves us money, improves our services, and our relationship with the people we are here to serve... It just makes good business sense."
Sam Adams, Mayor, Portland

"We created Portland Maps to give easy access to citizens for crime data, transportation, property information, where all the pipes are, utilities, all sorts of information. We like the fact that the general public can get access to all the types of data that we see here at the city."
Phillip Holmstrand, Portland GIS

Inexpensive, Lightning Fast, and Simple

The web-based process is so fast and painless, some clients have had their map up and running in hours, not months. And the subscription services have a minimal impact on your department's budget; the service pays for itself quickly.

We constantly upgrade the software seamlessly with features and support for new browsers. No more messy installations and CD Roms. It will be the easiest decision you've had to make since our platform does the work for you.

Government Transparency

With the even greater push towards open government coming from the federal data.gov initiative, city and state governments will be expected to follow suit by their citizens. Put your data online and increase your standing in the eyes of your community and government leaders.

Engage Your Citizens

Participatory democracy is an important part of a healthy community. Engage your citizens by allowing them to see and use your data through our embedded maps, public-facing site, comments, ratings, data feeds, and mobile network. This creates a setting of collaboration and allows your citizens to help you discover patterns and lets you do your job better.

More Benefits for Governments and Citizens

From the Open Municipal Geodata Standard website, here are more reasons to put your data online in a format your citizens can understand.

  • Reduce time, effort and resources in fulfilling public information requests
  • Increase data quality by providing correct data to public from the source
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Increase data access, availability, and speed of delivery
  • Improve citizen satisfaction and create good public relations with your community