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Property Values Administration - Save Time, Money, and Resources

Our Benefits

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PVA Property Values Map

County property valuation administrators (PVAs) can turn their property values into an interactive map for their citizens. Our service increases premium subscription rates by getting more people to your PVA website. Citizens also get a mobile version, and updated data feeds when home and business values change.

Reasons for Creating a Property Value Map

Every PVA, whether in a small or large county, can increase their subscription revenue immediately by mapping their property values.
  • Increase Revenue - More people will use your site when they see basic info on your map. This means more monthly subscriptions!
  • Increase Site Traffic - Our platform of sites link back to you for every property. Get subscription-interested visitors you never would have had otherwise.
  • Garner Voter Support - Excite your electorate by providing visually engaging services at a net-zero cost.
  • Compliment Your Other Services - Our embedded map compliments, not competes with, your existing web services.
  • Respect - Citizens appreciate and respect transparency in their government.

Property Map in Action

Included in our service is a map for your public website, a county heatmap, and a mobile phone version.

Website Map Heatmap Mobile Smartphones


jeffersonpva.ky.gov Uses embedded maps to turn their database into a searchable property value map for Jefferson County, Louisville, KY.

"The ease and speed of putting interactive property maps on our PVA site was astounding. The return on investment was immediate, and it would have taken us a few months of work to achieve a similar result. The maps keep people returning to our site, and display our property values in a visually engaging way."

    - Tony Lindauer, PVA, Jefferson County, KY

franklincountypva.com Uses embedded maps to turn their database into a searchable property value map for Franklin County, Lexington, KY.

Adds on to Your Existing Services

The goal of our embedded maps is to get you more revenue with more targetted visitors. We work with any of your existing services. We are not competitors, but an enhancement.

Here are some services you may have, that we work with:
  • GIS System - GIS is great for your internal use, and for subscription maps for specific properties. We compliment them by showing basic info of all properties at once on a map, and getting more people to your site.
  • Subscription Maps - You may show a map of a specific property in your paid subscription area. Our maps are shown in the free area of your site, and show a hundred properties at once in a searchable map. Each marker popup shows just basic info, and links to your subscription page for more details - which user subscribe to.
  • Website Builders - If you use an exisiting service to run your site (like qPublic, GUTS, TechnoSoft, WebGuys, Norlight, PVDNet, PHCDC, etc), we work with them to enhance the property search page by adding an interactive map. It is a new feature for your users on top of your existing site, and our public sites drive more traffic to your site too, which of course means more subscriptions!

Free Trial = Pay for Itself

We offer a no-obligation 30-day free trial, so you can try it out on your site. We guarantee that your revenues will increase and it will more than pay for itself. If it doesn't, simply remove it from your site at no cost!